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Topic: Have a web sitcom in production. Wanna play?

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    Have a web sitcom in production. Wanna play?

    Some of you are alumni of the days when I was running The Composer Channel, an Internet radio station with numerous shows featuring GPO composers exclusively. Dee, Charlie and I had a great time, and were able to share your talents with a lot of people.

    Dee and I are now working on a new project called The Show (working title), a web series sitcom to entertain the computer geek crowd that will start airing weekly episodes on May 2nd. We've finalized the cast, are interviewing crew and are scheduled to begin shooting the first of February.

    Season one is 12 episodes running the typical 5 to 7 minutes in length and will be distributed via YouTube, Vimeo, et al. This is a purely recreational, just for fun project that will never make us a dime. We just wanna have a good time and get famous.

    Anyway, while we don't have the vehicle to promote a ton of your work like we did on the Composer Channel, we'll have little spots here and there for snippets of music to help paint the characters and set the tone, and that gives me an excuse to show you off a bit.

    I'll be doing a bit myself as time allows, including the show theme, and I have a couple of old friends doing some metal for me (not a strength of mine) as that's what one character listens to.

    If any of you would have fun being involved in something like this, just let me know and we'll kick it around regarding the kinds of things you like to do and how we might best be able to feature it in the flow of things. I could probably just use stock music for the things I don't have time to write myself, but it's always good to remember old friends when you have new toys.
    Christopher Duncan
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    Re: Have a web sitcom in production. Wanna play?

    Sounds like great fun, but how much music would that be and on what notice? It could be funny to have different composers do different characters, but I have to plan my time a bit.

    Another point: won't the differences in sound become too great? Some people mix low and dry, others compress the heck out of it and splash it with a reverb that would make a bat turn its head, to mention some point that comes to mind. When the genres are totally different (I'm thinking Death Metal vs. Webern) it won't matter, but when it comes to less stereotypical differences?

    Anyway, I'm curious about the result, so I would love to see a link once you've got it running!

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    Re: Have a web sitcom in production. Wanna play?

    Ah, darn, I wanted to be in the cast... I unfortunately don't have any time to contribute but I'll be interested in your final product! If you can do it professionally enough, I think the spread of Internet TVs (like Google TV) will be giving web series new opportunities in the upcoming years to compete with the big networks, so now is the time to get those web series going! Best of luck!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Have a web sitcom in production. Wanna play?

    Hey Christopher!
    I'm game. Let me know what you need.

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