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Topic: Dan Dean v. XSample

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    Dan Dean v. XSample

    With limited funds, I\'m now beginning a GS library, and want to start with strings. I was wonder which people prefer -- DD or XSample v5. (Based on demo alone, XSample sounds better. But that\'s just a demo.) Any opinions?

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    Re: Dan Dean v. XSample

    Both libraries are needed IMO for a good solo string collection. Dans violin, viola, and cello arcos are recorded fantastic and are very useable and the pizzicatos are very nice too. That is the strong point of Dans library.
    The strong points of Xsample vol.5 are the spicatto samples for faster passages and the fx are very cool also.
    I recommend both.

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    Re: Dan Dean v. XSample

    Dan Dean\'s violin and viola have very, very sloooowww attacks and I find them unusable for most situations. I\'m not quite sure what he was thinking when they were recorded because to use them in any sort of up tempo piece you get very poor results. If all you are playing is slow pieces with long sustains, then they sound great. The cello on the other hand is magnificient, It does not even sound the least bit slow on the attack. Why he didn\'t record the other two in this manner i will never know.

    Hope this helps


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    Re: Dan Dean v. XSample

    I just got X samples Vol 10 and 11.

    solo strings are great. Don\'t have DD strings and have been a little sceptical in getting DD stuff. the demos aren\'t quite convincing for me (they\'re cute but not convincing) Maybe solo brass when it comes.

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    Re: Dan Dean v. XSample

    Take a listen to the short excerpt I posted @ http://www.geocities.com/killerbobjr using the Dan Dean Solo Strings. By doubling the tracks and mixing the staccato samples with the arco ones, I get the sharp attacks (too sharp in this rough mix) with the legato passages. Of course the proper way to do this is to layer the instruments in GS with crossfades which I shall probably do at some point. None the less, this works as a quick hack.

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