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Topic: Dolce e Cantabile for GPO 4

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    Dolce e Cantabile for GPO 4

    Here is the first bounce of my new piece for orchestra, "Dolce e Cantabile". It's for orchestra and solo violin and solo viola. I am still working on the mix of it, playing around with different kind of reverbs.


    Comments are welcome!

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    Re: Dolce e Cantabile for GPO 4

    Hi André,

    Whats a "bounce"?

    If your still working on the mix I would suggest a bit more re-verb.

    This work is very lush, romantic, and expressive to my ears. I think more re-verb would add to the realism of the performance and add to the emotional impact.

    A very enjoyable listen. The solo Viola idea was refreshing...

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    Re: Dolce e Cantabile for GPO 4

    It feels like the beginning of an act of an opera by, say, Puccini, and the solo strings, could easily be sung lines. It's certainly sweet/soft and singing. The theme is wonderful, and the structure does it all justice. The way you present it at 3:00 in a different context, works very well.

    The sound could be improved by more expression (CC1 or 11) on the long notes (the horn in the beginning, solo strings), and perhaps by choosing other patches for the solo instruments. I know the horns in GPO4 all have a different character, and the 3 violins too. As it is, the solo strings are a bit scratchy (you can consider cutting a bit with EQ somewhere betwee 1350-1450Hz and between 2700-2900Hz), and the horn is too static, too synthetic, for the rather important role it has. The reverb sounds ok to me. Some might find it dry, but that's ok with me.

    Well done, and it's good that Michael brought this thread back to the top of the list of posts.

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