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Topic: Omni TR

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    Omni TR

    I figured I would start a new thread on the Omni TR iPad app. The more I read about this and consider the possibilities- the more I get excited.
    I am curious as to how many parameters the Orb can modify at once. This potentially could cause a lot of midi CC data for just one instrument- and imagine if you have all 8 going in a multi- I wonder if there is a possibility we will saturate the bandwidth.
    At first I thought the Orb was just an fancy automated version of an XY pad- but it sounds like it is way more sophisticated than that. And as great as multitouch will be- I can forsee a future update where they will include the gyros- imagine just using the iPad as your main performance tool. You start up a groove- latch it all- then pick up the iPad- and dance around like a animal- flipping the orb around and having other parameters modified by your motion.
    Maybe a new world Theremin (Eric- are you listening!!!!?).
    Anyone else excited about this??? Maybe a new iphone app should be released (Omni TR mini or something).
    Less than a month away!

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    Re: Omni TR

    That's right, the Orb is far more than a controller. When enabled, it analyzes your patch and automatically creates "scenes" of parameters, each of which has its own sound. It will even automatically enable processing modules to ensure the scenes sound interesting. Moving the Orb cursor morphs between the scenes, with the center of the Orb always returning you to the original sound of the patch. You can even toss it and let it glide in the direction you tossed it. Use the Dice button to generate new scenes and get a completely different set of sounds to morph between.

    Because it's all automatic, there's no setup required. You simply turn it on and it animates any patch. Or use it as a way to generate a new patch by simply loading an existing patch and using the cursor as a one finger patch editing control. It's a great way to generate ideas for new sounds.

    The Orb modifies many parameters, but because it is tightly integrated into Omnisphere, it only needs to transmit a small amount of data to do so. Consequently, it's pretty difficult to saturate a network, even with 8 Orbs going.
    Glenn O

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    Re: Omni TR

    It's that time of year in the world of professional audio business leaders to meet in Los Angeles to present their projects to a global audience, NAMM 2011 is here.

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    Re: Omni TR


    i'd like to know something about the "ball" movements of Omni TR, when it moves automatically: Will it be possible to make those movements synchronized with the tempo ?



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    Re: Omni TR

    You control the movement of the cursor with your finger, and you can record those movements to make them part of the patch. One of the record options is to record a certain number of bars and if you use that mode and move the cursor in time with the beat, the movement will be synchronized with the beat whenever you play a note.
    Glenn O

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    Re: Omni TR

    thanx Glenn.

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    Re: Omni TR

    So does it work only with the Omnisphere soundset? I assume that if it is analyzing each preset- it should then be able to handle Trilian's sounds as well.
    And what about the VIP presets- can it handle those or will they need to be updated.
    Man, can't wait- do we have an exact date set (curious if release date will be delayed at all).

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    Re: Omni TR

    The Orb automatically works with every patch you already have including User, Factory, VIP, Trilian, etc. :-)

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    Re: Omni TR

    On a related matter :

    I was wondering whether the Orb would work with the Apple's Trackpad in a comparable way, or do I really need to invest in a $ 500 iPad so that I may use the Onni TR free app :-) ?

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    Re: Omni TR

    Since you can use the mouse to control the orb you should also be able to use the Trackpad.

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