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Topic: Looking for best general sample libraries

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    Looking for best general sample libraries

    Just got a Roland GR-20 guitar synth, and I am not too happy with all the included sounds. I have been looking around, such as eastwestsamples and orangetreesamples, and it seems that I would have to buy something from a lot of different places to get the best of each type of instrument. It would be nice to reduce clutter, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a general sample library that is great for most instrument types... at least those types that are hard to fake (violins, guitars, bagpipes, etc.). Money is no object for me... I do want the best.

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    Re: Looking for best general sample libraries

    perhaps you should look at something like East West's Goliath. It is quite a good collection of different sounds.


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    Re: Looking for best general sample libraries

    Goliath would be the first that comes to mind for me as well. Kontakt would also be a very good all-around sampler. I personally like a number of the sounds in the GR-20, but found others to be useless.

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    Re: Looking for best general sample libraries

    If you are mostly interested in samples of real instruments
    i would suggest the following:
    for orchestral type instruments-VSL and LASS for strings
    for trumpet, trombone and sax sounds-Sample Modelling
    for guitars-Electri6ity and Orange tree
    for basses-Trilian
    Other vendors to check are Eduardo Tarilonte, Sonic Couture

    If you also look for the best synthsounds you should check Omnisphere

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    Cool Re: Looking for best general sample libraries

    Thanks Hans, that is very useful information.

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    Re: Looking for best general sample libraries

    Welcome-since my suggestions didnt meet your criteria for getting everything from one source i would like to add that in my experience it is pretty much impossible to find a complete collection from a single vendor that offers top notch quality through out and since you said budget is no issue i would definetly suggest you go for specialized solutions like the ones i mentioned.
    It doesnt take a rocket scienties to handle libraries from several vendors and you will benefit from the fact that you can cherry pick whatever is the best in a certain field.

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    Cool Re: Looking for best general sample libraries

    Thanks, Hans, that appears to be very true

    So far I have narrowed it down to these, at least for general instruments. I am trying to pick each one based on the amount&quality of recorded samples (velocity layers, round-robin, legato, etc.) rather than the quality of software interfaces.

    Trilian (Spectrasonics) - Bass
    Electri6ity (Vir2) - Guitar
    Broadway Big Band (Fable Sounds) - Brass
    LASS (Audiobro) - Strings
    7CG (Sampletekk) - Piano
    Drums Series 1 (Sonic Implants) - Drums

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    Re: Looking for best general sample libraries

    Good choices.
    You are aware of the Broadway lite right?
    Its gives you most of the brass sounds from the big package at a fraction of the price.
    For drums i would suggest Toontracks Superior and Synthogy`s Ivory for Pianos.

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