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Topic: GIGA STRINGS?!!!!

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    I\'ve heard a few mentions ofupcoming Giga strings. Is this a wish or a reality? Is there a comprehensive string library on the way from Giga. The Dan Dean seems nice, but I need a bigger section - something that really raises the bar from the Miroslav, and Z libary.

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    Re: GIGA STRINGS?!!!!

    Have you checked out the Gigastrings site yet? www.gigastrings.com
    You can listen to mp3s and get some info on the instruments used and other stuff.
    The library is a 16 CD set and is supposed to sell for $1000.00
    No word on when it will be released though. I think it is still being beta-tested.

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    Re: GIGA STRINGS?!!!!

    I\'ve tried, but haven\'t yet been able to download any MP3 demos.

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    Re: GIGA STRINGS?!!!!


    If you\'re using IE you should be able to right click on a link and \'save as\' to disk. If you\'re using Netscape, there are sometimes issues with the way it treats mp3s and they get corrupted.

    I\'ve downloaded using IE5 without problems.

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