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Topic: GPO performance with I5-2500 ?

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    GPO performance with I5-2500 ?

    i now hava an old pentium4 3.4 GHz which is good, but i'm planning an hardware upgrade.
    i will probably go for 1155 socket with I5-2500 processor and 8 GB ram with win7
    can anyone comment about the performances/polyphony i can expect with GPO Aria player? (without reverbs)
    is the new "World" library similar to GPO with respect to CPU performance?

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    Re: GPO performance with I5-2500 ?

    Considering I know guys that run some of the bigger CPU intensive "other" libraries quite well on computers of about that level, and considering GPO is relatively a feather weight next to them, I think it will work fine. Actually, it will probably work better than fine.

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    Re: GPO performance with I5-2500 ?

    I'd imagine that it will only use 5-10% CPU at the most running 10 instances of the ARIA player with reverb and considerably less without reverb.


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