Does anybody here use Cubase? I'm having some troubles configuring my new midi controller and could use some suggestions. It works... I can play and record the midi input, and I've managed to assign volume control to two controls, one to control the volume of the selected track, and the other to control the master volume. So I know how to recognize each control on the keyboard and assign volume control actions to it.

What I haven't figured out how to do is have a knob send CC data to control the Garritan instruments. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate, Cubase 5.5, and my midi contorller is an M-Audio KeyStudio 25. It has one fader and eight knobs I can use... two of which are already assigned to volume work. Since Cubase doesn't recognize the KeyStudio line, it's defined as a GM device.

Can anybody help me? I need to configure Cubase to respond to particular controls with CC data.