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Topic: GPO Cantata

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    GPO Cantata

    Some time ago, I found my self playing a baroque-ish choir theme to the words "Garritan Personal Orchestra", as if in need of showing my devout adoration and sing the joys of this sample library. I added a jumpy, repeating accompaniment and some decoration to it, and inserted a small fugato. I was never completely satisfied with the sound of the end result, and last week I opened the project again, and made a few changes to make it sound a bit clearer. I hope it's now suitable to your delicate ears.

    The piece is score for strings, basso continuo, two trumpets, two oboes, timpani, and SATB choir. In the tutti part, the choir is supposed to sing "Garritan, Garritan, Garritan Personal Orchestra"; the fugato was written without text in mind; I added it just for my own education (it's my first fugue-like composition), and because several of the baroque works I admire have a similar structure.

    Without further ado, here it is: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page...ongID=10132682

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    Re: GPO Cantata

    Nice work!
    It sounds indeed like baroque's style

    There is no spoon.

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    Re: GPO Cantata

    Good to see you post some of your work! You have done a good job with this replication of the Baroque style, somewhere between Bach and Handel, I'd say. You managed to get the GPO4 Choir Lite to sound up to the task. I noticed the extra vibrato you used on the soprano part, it sounded almost Irina-like to me. You show good understanding of the form and presentation and I have listened twice.

    Happy to hear you sharing your work!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: GPO Cantata

    Thanks guys, but between Bach and Handel is way too much honor! The choir works fine for this kind of thing, but the soprano was indeed, how could you not have noticed, the Irina Brochin sample. I had forgotten to mention it.

    I should finish more works. I usually am working on several things simultaneously, but often lack the interest to finish them properly. Something for a late New year's resolution, perhaps.

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    Re: GPO Cantata

    Hi Theo,
    I'm thinking of one of Bach or Handel's audience sitting in the audience with their fine wigs & gowns-expecting a religious mass.
    I think they would loose their wigs (ha)
    The beginning is very Baroque -like, but it's more neo-Baroque at the end.
    This is NOT TO SAY that it's not interesting.

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    Re: GPO Cantata

    Thanks Gary. I'm sure the Baroque masters would have frowned on my work, and I would love to see people losing their wigs as a result of my music. Glad you found it interesting!

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