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Topic: Namm 2011 - Steinway ?

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    Namm 2011 - Steinway ?

    Namm 2011 -> Steinway update or Steinway B news ?

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    Re: Namm 2011 - Steinway ?

    Hi Olivier,
    We're showing the Steinway B, and also the version 1.05 update to the software. The B is sounding great, and will be better yet when we come to the release version. The 1.05 update is a pedaling update applicable to the Steinway D (and unreleased B) - it has repedaling and half pedaling improvements. It's working very well for me, though we need to complete private beta testing before releasing it on the website. There's also some surprises that will come after NAMM.
    It should be an exciting year!

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    Re: Namm 2011 - Steinway ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Hurchalla View Post
    The 1.05 update is a pedaling update applicable to the Steinway D (and unreleased B) - it has repedaling and half pedaling improvements.
    Then, there is no plan for the tone problem of several keys any time soon?
    As you know well, there are some very problematic keys, especially A4(440Hz).

    Although I really love the overall quality of GAS, some time these keys made it almost impossible to use GAS in composing and recording my pieces. For example, whenever I strike A4 it breaks the mood I've built up to the point. Now I'm seriously considering of abandoning of GAS and trying to find an alternative option.

    Could you possibly give me some sort of hope about this matter?


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    Re: Namm 2011 - Steinway ?

    Hi Leal,
    The version 1.05 update focuses primarily on pedaling, though it does include a few minor tweaks to notes as described below. Voicing changes for the most part go beyond the scope of what 1.05 is meant to do. Nevertheless you may see some interesting developments after the 1.05 release.

    I copy/pasted this from a previous post - it was in response to a request for a new sfz that would change a few specific notes:
    There are updated sfz files in the zip PRO_STANDARD_SFZS.zip on my site, at
    They are for the Pro or Standard versions. There's no changes for Basic.
    Though I expect to use the same changes to the sfz files for the official update later, using these early sfzs right now isn't officially supported. You're very welcome to use them, but view them as you would a beta release.
    Here's how to use them:
    1) Go to your Garritan Steinway's "Programs" folder (C:\Program Files\Garritan\Steinway\Programs on Windows; on Mac it's at your Applications folder-> Garritan Steinway-> Programs).
    2) In this Programs folder, make backup copies of all the sfz files you see there.
    3) Unzip the 4 sfz files from PRO_STANDARD_SFZS.zip into the Programs folder.
    That's it.
    The E a 10th above middle C was changed for one sample, and the F# an octave and a half below middle C was also changed on one sample.
    Hope this helps-

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    Re: Namm 2011 - Steinway ?

    Hi Jeff - any news on a time frame for 1.05?

    THANKS very much.


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    Re: Namm 2011 - Steinway ?

    Hi AB,
    In general we don't announce release dates for new products or product updates, so I also can't announce the time frame. You'll see a post though, as soon as it's on the website and ready to download. If it's of help to you to know, it's in testing at the moment.

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