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Topic: JABB3 and Logic Pro 9 snafu?

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    JABB3 and Logic Pro 9 snafu?

    Hello, I'm depressed.

    Having bought JABB3 with Aria 1.111 to go with my new Imac running Logic 9.1.3 under OS 10.6.6 I was really looking forward to dealing with all my big band arrangements created using Cubase and JABB1 on my old PC, in this exciting new mac world. So far I've ported accross a test midi file and put it in a logic project file.

    I've installed everything, letting the installation procedure put it where it wants it but things don't appear to be happening, certainly as I was expecting and hoping.

    I have spent sometime with the manual as I generally blame myself for errors (correctly!) but I am no further forward.


    The Aria Player app. is in applications\Garritan Aria Player - as is the library of JABB3 samples etc (surprisingly)

    The Aria Player AU.component is in library\audio\plug-ins\components (greyed out but there)

    (the vsts seem to be in a sensible directory, too but I'm assuming I don't need them now)

    There are no presets in presets\Garritan\Aria Player though the path has been set up, presumably for future use

    Aria Player has been successfully validated in Audio Units Manager.

    I was hoping/expecting that JABB3 would appear as an instrument in the media library but it doesn't. It doesn't appear via the Settings button in the Logic channel strip. It doesn't appear via the Inserts (well, I'm desperate..). The only sight of JABB3 is in the I/O slot at the bottom as AU instruments - Garritan - Aria Player. Is this the way it is supposed to be? Surely not!? The installation in Cubase SX was a dream compared to this.

    I seem to have to create an instance of Aria for every track, but I'm sure that's just my ineptitude and newbiness. PLEASE! ANY HELP? I've been here weeks....

    Thanks, Jeff.

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    Re: JABB3 and Logic Pro 9 snafu?

    Thanks Garritan.

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    Re: JABB3 and Logic Pro 9 snafu?

    Your problem in a nutshell please! I have JABB 3 on my Mac G4 with Logic Pro 8 and it works just fine! I don't understand what you problem is but I know I probably can help since I've been using Logic quite a while and I do use Cubase 4 from time to time. I also use Sonar 8 with all the same libraries that I use with Logic!

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    Re: JABB3 and Logic Pro 9 snafu?

    Hi Ronboykin

    Thanks for getting back. I think I was panicking slightly as JABB3 was not behaving as I expected and both the Logic and JABB3 help files are inadequate with no troubleshooting.

    I've since asked on the Logic users forum and it seems that it is working OK. The Garritan references in the manual to their WIKI are not available, most of the websites they refer to aren't there. It's pretty poor and they seem to rely on the forums, not that they responded at all.

    I was surprised as I expected JABB3 to have a far more obvious presence - it only appears via the Aria player from the I/O section in the channel strip. I was expecting it in the instrument library. I had to create a channel strip for that to happen.

    I have since set up a multi-timbral instance of JABB3, each midi channel referring to a copied channel strip and saving that as a template for future projects. I can then use different midi channels to trigger the instrumental sounds/voices. It seems to work. The only problem with that is that I don't seem to be able to mute or solo any of the midi tracks in the logic arrange window as the whole 'instrument' is soloed or muted. I have to go to the Aria mixer to do that it seems. Is there a way or have I still set it up wrong?

    Finally, I wonder if I have several instances of the player open at once - the only way I can see to check is to see how much memory is taken up with different set-ups. Is there a way of checking what resources you are using to make sure you don't have redundant instances of an instrument like Aria? It was pretty straight forward in Cubase.

    So, I still have a few questions but I think I may have worked out how to set the whole thing up.

    Thanks for your response though. If you help with the other points above I'd be even more appreciative!


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