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Topic: Sample playback results with a new Mac Pro...

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    Sample playback results with a new Mac Pro...

    I'm curious what other user's experiences have been with the new Mac Pro. I just bought an 8 core MP and maxed it out with 32 GB RAM. However I can't seem to get anything to load right. I have about 10 relatively small instruments loaded and I keep getting "not enough memory" errors. And the CPU Meter in Logic is always maxed out. I use to run more than this on my G5! I'm running a separate drive for my samples. And I only have 3 EXS instruments (all small perc libraries), 2 EWQLSO instruments, 1 omnisphere, and 2 other small Kontakt 4 instruments. Hardly enough to kill a machine.

    I'm currently running an original MOTU 828 Firewire Interface. Could that be the problem?

    In other news - I increased the buffer to 512 and the CPU load did seem to cut in half - but still - it's an 8 core!

    I also tried putting logic in 64 bit and it just introduced a plethora of artifacts. Something just doesn't seem right. This machine should be smokin.

    I do have a MOTO 2408 Mk3 but I need to get the new PCI card. Would that be the fix?

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    Re: Sample playback results with a new Mac Pro...

    I have an 8-core Mac Pro with 12GB RAM and I haven't maxed it out yet, so it must be your setup. I mostly use Kontakt 4 and Omnisphere in Cubase 5. They have memory servers which use all available RAM even in 32-bit mode. I just did a huge piece with dozens of tracks of Symphobia, EW Gold, convo reverbs, various other Sam libraries and Omnisphere and never hit the wall as far as resources. I have my samples spread across 3 additional internal drives (one is a Raptor), but I think it's the memory servers that make the big difference. I have Cubase 6 (64-bit) on order but I don't know if running everything in true 64-bit will make much of a difference.

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    Re: Sample playback results with a new Mac Pro...

    First check the activity meter in your OS without running Logic and see if something else is drinking your milkshake.

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    Re: Sample playback results with a new Mac Pro...

    With Everything loaded I show 28 GB of available memory! Actually just a little less. Logic shows to be taking 4.12 GB. Nothing else running.

    I switched to 64bit and it seems to have less memory problems but that's created some new problems with some non 64 bit plugs. Annoying to say the least. I have no idea why the hog!

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    Re: Sample playback results with a new Mac Pro...

    I would check on something Tarko alluded to. The current versions of Kontakt 4, Omnisphere, and EXS have memory server capabilities that would need to be turned on so you can load samples outside of Logic (assuming you still want to run in 32 bit mode for the EWQLSO stuff). I don't think they are turned on by default. The fact that Logic is showing about 4GB usage (I assume that was in 32-bit mode?) does explain your error messages and is definitely a sign that those memory servers are not running.


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    Re: Sample playback results with a new Mac Pro...

    I think you may be on to something. I found the memory feature in Kontakt, but I can't seem to find it in EXS or Spectrasonics stuff.

    I am switching between Logic 32bit and logic 64bit. My understanding is the sound should be the same in both, but waves plugs seem to run better in 32 bit rather than through the 32bit bridge that they use in 64bit. Any feedback there?

    Thanks for the insight guys

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    Unhappy Re: Sample playback results with a new Mac Pro...

    Another problem I'm having - it seems like when I freeze a track it does nothing in terms of relieving the memory load. IN fact, even if I disable the plugins the memory remains occupied. Is there some preference i don't know about?

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    Re: Sample playback results with a new Mac Pro...

    You can activate the memory server in the Spectrasonics instruments on their systems page.
    64 or 32 sounds identical-but i too find that the 32 bit bridge in Logic is a pain because it will crash at least once a day even if no 32 bit plug in is running.

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    Re: Sample playback results with a new Mac Pro...

    When you open up an EXS instrument, if you click on the "options" tab in the top right corner, a list of menu items will appear. The "Virtual Memory" menu is where you can make the adjustment, and all you need to do there is click the "active" tab.

    As far as the freezing issue. Freezing does not relieve the memory load. To do that, you would probably need to choose the bounce-in-place feature and then you could purge the samples after. However, if you manage to solve the memory server issues, this would be no longer necessary, especially with the amount of RAM you have.


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    Re: Sample playback results with a new Mac Pro...

    Now that I'm back from church, I can answer the 32-bit/64-bit question.

    As Hans mentioned, he does get occasional crashes when using the 32-bit bridge in 64-bit mode, and from the buzz around other forums, it is a common issue. I haven't experienced it yet, but with my system being so new, I haven't had the opportunity to tax my system with too many 32-bit instruments or effects.

    Without forking over some extra cash for VEPro, which I understand works marvellously especially when mixing 32-bit au's or VST's with 64-bit hosts, you'd probably do just fine running Logic in 32-bit mode with the memory servers on.


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