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Topic: Demand for analog sounds?

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    Demand for analog sounds?

    I\'ve been sampling my old Octave Cat for a while now, and have several hours of high quality samples. This synth is about 25 years old, it\'s a 2 VCO synth with 2 suboscillators and a discreet filter. It\'s a real aggressive, mean sounding box, maybe like listeing to a minimoog with your finger in a 220V socket...

    Anyway, the samples have mostly been for my own use but lately I\'ve been trying to capture more of its character, and toying with building some commercial gigs. I\'ve got smooth bouncy basses, agressive edgy basses, FM filter sounds, sync sounds, sinister drones, oscillator drifts, analog flutes, and a fair share of \'hardware going haywire\' kind of stuff.

    I don\'t underestimate the amount of work it would take to make this production ready; I can program gigs pretty fast, but based on some trial gigs I\'ve built, I know it takes me a huge amount of time to split the samples, audition, catalog, tune, loop (yep even with long samples I\'d want to loop everything) etc etc even before I\'m ready to program, and also it\'s a trick to figure out how to do the most useful program variations in GS that would let you do the kinds of things with the sounds that you\'d do with the real synth.

    I guess I sorta have 2 questions. To the GS users, is this the kind of thing you\'d seek out? I could make it somewhat tweakable, though not to the extent of a good virtual analog synth, but you could get a sound that you wouldn\'t get from anything else.

    To the sample set programmers, I wonder about the business case for doing this. If I would get half the price of a $100 sample set and sell 200 units, that\'s $10,000, not too shabby though the pure business case doesn\'t make sense if the numbers are less than that (for my time, anyway). There\'s probably a better business case actually for AKAI cd\'s though I couldn\'t at all do the synth justice with small samples.

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    Re: Demand for analog sounds?

    Hi Sam,

    I have often thought about making an analog sampler myself (using an Oberheim SEM). I have to tell you, after messing with the virtual synths like Reaktor and Pro-52 there is less and less reason to want to sample the analog counterparts. Tweaking all those knobs is just too much fun.

    Worra cranked out a Prophet Sampler Disk. I know his pricing is well below $100 and he picked a very popular box.

    Just my 2 cents.


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    Re: Demand for analog sounds?

    You are probably right Scott. Anyway, I\'ll probably just start by creating a few programs to get a feel for how long it takes and what kind of results I can expect, for my own use. I also have softsynths and VA\'s and DCO synths, but the impetus for sampling here is that on a good day, I can\'t get anything to sound as wild as the Cat, but on a bad day, I can\'t get anything musical out of it. I think it has something to do with a combination of the weather, gamma rays, and presidential approval ratings.


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