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Topic: Damn it!

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    Damn it!

    Guys, My only concern is what polyphony I will get with PIII 450. I guess I will need 700 to get full 160 but to me Polyphony was to me the most signifigant upgrade. Please share your thoughts on this because I have been told too many different things. And of course, the GigaStudio wait continues even if it is present on my credit card.

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    Re: Damn it!

    There are probably too many factors to say exactly what amount of polyphony you will get by just listing your processor type and speed. For example, amount of memory memory, disk speed, other progams loaded into memory (i.e. virus software), driver versions for video/sound, da...da...da...You get the idea.

    I\'ll bet the same excact computer loaded with a simple and freshly installed Windows 98 would perform a bit better than that same computer loaded with all kinds of stuff running in the task bar all the time.

    As for GigaStudio, I did the upgrade for the same reason - more polyphony. I don\'t plan on using the effects, so that should help with getting more polyphony (I hope).

    Good luck,

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    Re: Damn it!


    Ronlucas00 has the right answer. The reason we are reluctant to say you will get exactly
    xxx voices of polyphony when using a PIII 450
    is that there are too many factors that effect the performance. Let me give you an
    example, On a Dell PII 450 with a GSIF card, IDE drive (5400 rpm), 256M of memory, I was able to get up to 128 voices.
    On another hand-built PIII 450 with 256M of memory, similar HD drive, I was only able to get up to 100 voices. Why did the Dell perform better that the hand-built PIII? I
    don\'t know. I could hook a logic analyzer upto the motherboard and look at the timing of the motherboard. But as soon as I determined everything about this system, the next system would be slightly different. Start throwing other cards into the system, and loading the OS with other software, and the equation quickly gets very complicated.
    This is not to say that we have no idea what performance you should see. The performance of GigaStudio, with no effects and the mixer
    set to the nominal values, is roughly equivalent to the GigaSampler.

    I hope this helps.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: Damn it!

    Hi Joe
    Thanks for the input ,but Im a little confused about one point you made.
    I understand that performance will vary depending on your configuration . And what you have said and other info that I have read hear , I estamate on my pentiun 3 450 with gsif sound card ata -66 deticated hard drive ,128 megs of ram ,I should get somewhere between 96 and 128 voices with out effects .And when you say that the performance should be the same as giga samplers 64 voice polyphony , well that makes sence to me if your talking with effects in giga studio.But You said it should be equivalant to giga sampler with out effects ? Thanks, Ken

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    Re: Damn it!

    Ok Got ya ,thanks for the responce . So Basicly for my speed computer,dont bother upgrading to giga studio for polyphony reasons alone . Because it won\'t make much difference .[I thought I would mention that because Ive seen a few people that want the upgrade for that reason only].Although more polyphony would be nice I guess Ill have to wait until I get my next computer to take advantage of those 160 voices. Im still interested in upgrading to giga studio for the instant audition feature and the built in effects , because when I upgraded from my SB live to Darla 24/96 I lost the built in effects ,so the effects built into giga studio will be a big plus . thanks , Ken

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    Re: Damn it!


    I am not quite sure I am answering your question, but let me restate my earlier claim and see if doesn\'t make more sense.

    The GigaStudio with no effects, with the polyphony slider set to 64 voices, and the mixer set to the nominal value, should perform roughly the same as the GigaSampler 64. In other words, if you were able to run the GigaSampler and sequencer with 8 tracks of audio, then I would bet that you would be able to get the GigaStudio set to 64 voices to run with a sequencer with 8 tracks of audio.

    Does that make sense? As you start cranking up the polyphony or adding effects the percentage of the CPU will increase.

    Hope this helps.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: Damn it!


    I guess I am not the best communicator in the world. But I am determined. I do not want to mislead you, so let me try again.

    If you have a PIII 450, and you are using the GigaSampler - the best you will ever be able to do is 64 voices. This is not limitation of your computer but a limitation of the software. If you use the GigaStudio 160 or GigaStudio 96 then you will get MORE polyphony. I am fairly sure that you will not reach 160 with a PIII 450, but I would guess that you could get anywhere from 96 to 128 voices depending on the instruments.

    So the GigaStudio can give you more polyphony on your PIII 450 just because the software was designed for higher polyphony.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: Damn it!

    OK, how about putting it this way:
    --If your computer was getting full polyphony with Gigasampler (ie 64 voices) without maxing out its resources, you will likely get MORE polyphony under GigaStudio(anywhere from 64 to 160, depending on how good your computer is, and depending on whether you\'re using the effects).
    --If your computer was maxing out at LESS than 64 voices with Gigasampler, it will do about the same in GigaStudio (without effects. If you add effects, then even fewer voices).

    That sound about right?


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    Re: Damn it!

    Thanks for the responces , it\'s very clear now . Just one more question though , What is giga studio? just kidding !

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