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Topic: sibelius 6 opening theme

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    sibelius 6 opening theme


    Anyone have a tip on how to remove the opening theme every time Sibelius 6 opens? This ponderous thing always catches me with its high volumes and I'd love to get rid of it.


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    Re: sibelius 6 opening theme

    I'm away from my home computer, but you should be able to go into preferences (I don't remember which section) and uncheck the item that says to play the opening theme.
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    Re: sibelius 6 opening theme

    There it is - simple as that! Couldn't see it at first.

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    Re: sibelius 6 opening theme

    A important thing to do though! That bit will drive you out of your mine. Funny thing is that I had no idea that Sib. 4 played a segment from that composers 4th symphony. Sib. 5 from the 5th and of course Sib. 6 from his 6th. He did 7 symphonies so who knows what they will do when the get to 8. Maybe call it Beethoven for a couple versions.

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    Re: sibelius 6 opening theme

    Or just call it Haydn - then you're set for the rest of the century.

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