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Topic: Pure Drums by Yellow Tools!!

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    Re: Pure Drums by Yellow Tools!!

    Nick, What\'s the variety like?

    EG in terms of featuring a kit for almost everything: Pop, Rock, Ballad. Techno uses?

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    Re: Pure Drums by Yellow Tools!!

    good variety, rock, grunge, pop, funk, street, hiphop, ballad, jazz etc. The snares are different and sound different in every kit.

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    Pure Drums by Yellow Tools!!

    My search for better drums has brought me to \"Pure Drums\" by Yellow Tools. About $150 retail. This is, in my opinion, the best all around drumkit collection I have heard. Hats, cymbals and rides aren\'t as good as \"Purrrfect drums\", but they are good. In fact, everything is good. Very good snares with a respectable amount of velocities and lots of variety in sound and tuning. Decent toms and kicks. Good variety all around!!! Not stellar sound quality, but very good on most drums. No snare resonance on toms, however. Extremely efficient memory-wise. Good velocity-switching all around. A must have for the price, unless you are looking for the holy grail of giga drum cds. This is not it.

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    Re: Pure Drums by Yellow Tools!!

    Hi Nick,
    thanks for such a good review of our pure drums.
    When we started this production our aim was to create a \"pure\" drum sampling library for AKAI samplers and the EXS24. After the release of this library we got many inquiries from gigasampler users if there will be an own gigasampler version of our pure drums and pure guitars available some day.
    So we decided to produce an own gigasampler version.
    We know that the gigasampler offers a lot more technical possibilities than other samplers and we will consider this for our next sampling libraries like we already did with our gigaversion of pure guitars.

    with regards


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    Re: Pure Drums by Yellow Tools!!

    Where can I order Pure drums?


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    Re: Pure Drums by Yellow Tools!!

    Hey...Nick, Yellow-tools, Scarbee...?

    What\'s going on here...is this a sample producer convention or what?

    something is fishy....

    But I do like \"Pure guitars\" and \"Quantum Leap Brass\"


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    Re: Pure Drums by Yellow Tools!!

    I visit this site because I am interested in samples. I buy tons of libraries, which makes me a customer, just like everyone else. Nothing fishy about it.

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    Re: Pure Drums by Yellow Tools!!

    We need samples too - and good drums are always hard to find. I have many drum CD\'s, but as a composer (I do a lot of film/commercials) i always need different Kits: jazz, rock, tecno - old sounding kits, etc. You can never have enough drum-samples!


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