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Topic: Chat

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    Since we don't have a chat here anymore, I've been using the one Silh so kindly set up for us as of late.


    Anyone want to chat? I've been extremely busy the past month with getting stuff ready for up coming auditions, and I thought it would be nice to catch up with everyone here.

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    Re: Chat

    Anyone want to chat? (you guys can post here as well )

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    Re: Chat

    I'll be in the chat if anyone wants to chat.

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    Re: Chat

    Missed out this time. Stupid question tho - how does it work ?
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    Re: Chat

    You just type in a username, and then it will log you into the chat room. It works like any other chat.

    I'll be in it if anyone wants to chat.

    On a side note, GO RAVENS!

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    Re: Chat

    I'm going to be in the chat for the next several hours if anybody wants to join.
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    Re: Chat

    I shall be in the chat if anyone wants to talk.

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    Re: Chat

    I'll be in the chat for a few hours if anyone wants to talk. I'm working on a monster of a project, and it get's very boring after a while.

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    Re: Chat

    It seems like people are always around at different times... but not at the same time!
    -- Matt Wong

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    Re: Chat

    So I've noticed. lol

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