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Topic: Klingon Opera Overture

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    Smile Klingon Opera Overture


    This an improvisation with layered software synthesizers. Specifically, various percussion ensembles, french horn, piano from GPO and World plus Albino and Zeta+.

    I like how alien it sounds in places and that aspect I will follow up because that is truly the music I wish to compose.

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    Re: Klingon Opera Overture

    Very interesting and unexpected... but what makes it Klingon?

    Your very creative - please continue and share with us.

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    Re: Klingon Opera Overture

    Well... I'm a percussionist, and I'm also a Klingon, so how could I not love it.

    It feels very Klingonish, or at least what I've often imagined Klingon opera would sound like.
    Maybe some large metal drums and lots of screaming.

    (Do Klingons use cowbell?)
    'cause I got a fever and the only cure is...

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    Re: Klingon Opera Overture

    Well I don't know much of anything about Klingons, but I thought your music is interesting. It's kind of John Adams like. Nice work.

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    Re: Klingon Opera Overture

    thanks for all of the listens and comments!!

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    Re: Klingon Opera Overture

    I'm a true believer in using any sound there is to achieve ones objective.

    You sure keep up the momentum and excitement.

    This would work well with a dance performance but stands on its own quite well.

    I wish you good luck with your direction.


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    Re: Klingon Opera Overture

    thanks for the listen and comment!

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