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Topic: GPO upgrade or not?

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    Question GPO upgrade or not?

    Hi, I bought GPO back in 2005.
    I actually seldom used it because I unfortunately have little time for music, but I like having such a library available for the occasional playing around.
    I usually use it inside Cubase Essential on Mac OSX, and installed any free upgrades over the years.

    A Christmas offer in my mailbox brought to my attention the fact that a new version (at least) has been released in the meantime.

    What is the difference with the old one?
    Is it worth the upgrade, considering the very occasional use I make of it?

    Also, is the old version perfectly compatible with Snow Leopard? I have a new MacBook Pro but didn't reinstall it yet. Improved compatibility might be a reason to upgrade.

    I also see someone asking about a GPO5 release... does this mean that a further new release is due out soon?

    Thanks for any info.

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    Re: GPO upgrade or not?

    Hi Starless,
    welcome to Northern Sounds!
    The newest version of GPO is presently called GPO4 and uses a new player called "ARAI" by Garritan. GPO no longer requires the use of a Kontakt player by Native Instruments. I use GPO4 on a Mac and it runs smooth as glass.

    The very inexpensive update is well worth it because of a few things,
    1. The ARIA player loads instruments quickly.
    2. Multiple audio outputs are ready to go when using GPO4 in a sequencer.
    3. Newly added brass samples from SAM BRASS! Well worth the upgrade.
    4. Auto-Legato.
    5. Elegant hassle free registration, just drag the (.png) registration card over the player and Whalla! You're registered.

    and many more...
    here is a quickie demo I slammed together for you of pieces of Rhapsody in Blue made with GPO4 along with one Garritan Stradivarius Solo Violin (not from GPO4) but the piece does feature the wonderful Garritan Steinway Concert Grand D piano. This gives an idea of the improved SAM BRASS sounds are in the upgrade.

    Rhapsody demo

    Click HERE if you would like to hear Rhapsody in Blue in it's entirety.

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    Re: GPO upgrade or not?

    Hi Starless...

    What Dan said.

    Welcome to the forum!
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

    http://reberclark.blogspot.com http://reberclark.bandcamp.com http://www.youtube.com/reberclark

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    Re: GPO upgrade or not?

    Hi Dan (and reberclark),
    thank you for your answer.

    Actually, given the little time I currently can dedicate to music, the improvements you list do not make up for an unmissable upgrade in my case (as long as the old version runs fine on Snow Leopard, which I still don't know)... although the price is so low that I will probably end up buying it anyway .

    And what about new releases? Does anyone know if a new version is planned soon?

    PS: Dan, your music is excellent! I'm still listening to other songs on your website. You make very good use of the libraries. I understand it's not easy obtaining such a realistic result, too often I've heard songs where the sounds were so evidently fake...

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    Re: GPO upgrade or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by starless View Post
    And what about new releases? Does anyone know if a new version is planned soon?
    For an answer to your question, check out Gary Garritan's post here:


    My feeling is that any planning for GPO5 is only in the preliminary stages, as the new Choir and Orchestral Strings libraries may be more of a priority for the Garritan team. That's just my surmise though. In the meantime, the upgrade to GPO4 will be there for you whenever you want.

    If you'd like to hear a couple of pieces I might actually finish someday, please visit my virtual concert hall.

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