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Topic: Piano Piece - The Broken Key Project

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    Piano Piece - The Broken Key Project

    Hi all

    I mentioned this in the general forum a few weeks ago, but thought I'd post it here as its probably more suitable...

    To get me playing the piano more again i have commited to uploading improvisations several times a week for anyone and everyone to sit back, relax and hopefuly enjoy.


    Ive just uploaded the 4th, and I know the word 'improvisation' fills some with a mild dread at the thought of how bad it could be, but I think my playing is pretty reasonable, and everyone who has heard the tracks has enjoyed them, so I hope you will too. They aren't perfect piano pieces, but they aren't bad...

    I hope someone on here enjoys them.


    PS: They are free to download too...all i ask is fair credit and to be informed if someone has a crazy notion to use a track in something... :P

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    Re: Piano Piece - The Broken Key Project

    Wow, I liked them.
    I can't believe your talent!
    I can't even play chopsticks.

    You create wonderfully without hardly a try...


    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Piano Piece - The Broken Key Project

    Thanks very much Michael, glad you enjoyed them.

    I will post again when I put the next one up, perhaps over the weekend at some point...

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    Re: Piano Piece - The Broken Key Project

    Very beautiful - thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Piano Piece - The Broken Key Project

    Hey Jonte, you're welcome, thank you!

    There will be another one posted this sunday (probably) will let people know on here

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