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Topic: Omiles - Chasing Darkness

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    Omiles - Chasing Darkness

    Hi everyone,
    long time no music posted from me.

    So here is a demo i recently wrote.
    i hope you like.

    Omiles - Chasing Darkness

    All the best and happy new year,

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    Re: Omiles - Chasing Darkness

    Very good! Love the writing. Has a bit of Mozart's "Requiem" feel/sound to it. Personally, I would like to hear more verb on the choirs, both from a "distance" standpoint, and also to help smooth out some of the note transitions, which at times sound more than a little fake. Otherwise great job!


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    Re: Omiles - Chasing Darkness

    thanks jeffrey,
    i think after you comment i added a little reverb to it.

    hope it sounds better now.


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