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Topic: Percussion roll problem

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    Percussion roll problem

    I would like to ask how could I create roll effect with triangle/gongs using Basic orchestral percussion from Garritan instruments for Finale?

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    Re: Percussion roll problem

    Use tremolo, I think.

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    Re: Percussion roll problem

    Tuta, if you're using a keyboard, playing the roll and then doing edits like halving the length of time for the clip gets the most natural results. If you're using notation and inserting notes by hand, then you'll have a much harder time of it.

    You didn't mention Tympani, but here's a little demo roll I did awhile back. The original post with this link described the process. Basically I first played the notes, then used the Length tool in Sonar to make the clip half the length. Then in the Piano Roll View (MIDI editing window), I edited the velocity values to create the swell.

    Tympani roll example


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    Re: Percussion roll problem

    I think symphonyofone is right. Just notate the note value you need and use the articulation with 3 slashes and that should play back correctly.

    I say this assuming you're using HumanPlayback. Basically you notate the way it should be notated for a human being to play it and it will play back correctly in Finale. Makes it very simple.

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    Re: Percussion roll problem

    Thank you for your assistance, however, the tremolo articulation does not work. I tried to use it several times in compositions, but it only produces one tone. Tremolo articulation works with timpani, snare/bass drum roll, but not with triangle, and small/medium/tam-tam gong. On the other hand, triangle in fusion drum kit correctly plays roll effect when accented with tremolo sign.

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    Re: Percussion roll problem

    Hopefully this is a relevant comparison but I'm using Finale 2009. I loaded GIFF and the full GPO4 basic percussion. The triangle note is the same midi note in both samples and in both cases articulation number 33 worked for me.

    I typed in a whole note and added that articulation on top of the note and it played back and got the playback I expected. So I'm not sure what's different except for the version of Finale we're using.

    I can't open a 2011 file or I'd offer to check it out for you but that's probably going to be your best bet. Have you tried posting anything on the MakeMusic forum?

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    Re: Percussion roll problem

    For some strange reason, now it works. Maybe it was a problem with Finale 2010. Because when I loaded GIFF in Finale 2011, and performed same process as you, it worked. Thank you for your help, anyway.

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