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Topic: Quantum Leap Stratocaster/Telecaster

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    Quantum Leap Stratocaster/Telecaster

    Quantum Leap is proud to announce a new gigastudio library optimized to use the new Nemesys plug-in Revalver. The library is Quantum Leap Stratocaster / Telecaster and is simply one extensively key switched and velocity switched vintage strat, and one extensively key switched and velocity switched vintage tele run through a super twin reverb amp for a fairly neutral sound. Should be available mid summer. By the way, all the samples are 24 bit 88.2 sample rate. Now is the time to tell Nemesys your opinion on 24 bit 96 k support.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Stratocaster/Telecaster


    Is there a demo somewhere?

    Have you already tried the new FX\'s?


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    Re: Quantum Leap Stratocaster/Telecaster

    Re 24/96 support, I\'m not really clamoring for it. I do record my stuff at 24 bit if it has wide dynamic range and I care about delicate quiet stuff. But for samples that are going to be normalized hot, I don\'t really think they suffer much. JMHO but I have no beef with the audio quality of my favorite gigs, nor would I be crazy about gig files that take 50% more or 3x more space, nor equivalent reductions in polyphony.

    Even if I were looking for higher fidelity here (heck I\'d settle for better micing on my less favorite gigs!) I wouldn\'t be seeking it on an electric guitar of all things which is going to be run through a grungy amp...

    Just my opinion, but I do have plenty of other ideas how they could make GS a better instrument for me (ie more piano like env release catching, better modulation features, \'don\'t change\' values in the editor when applying groups of case properties etc etc). Since you mentioned it!

    best wishes,

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    Re: Quantum Leap Stratocaster/Telecaster

    Nick, the libary sounds very exciting! Can you tell us more about that \'revalver\' system? Is it something specifically for guitar amp emulation or something?

    Regarding 24-bit 96 khz... Way too much space is taken up. I\'d prefer 24-bit 48khz - a good compromise where your samples will \'only\' take up about 1.55 times that of 16-bit 44khz. Maybe 16-bit 48khz would do the trick actually. 48khz is the standard in broadcast and other areas, and my soundcard (Pulsar 2) also \'likes\' that samplerate a lot. Definitely not 24-bit 96khz. A waste of space if you ask me. 24-bit 48khz or higher is great when you\'re in the \'mixing phase\' so you don\'t lose any detail and such, but not as important for the actual raw samples I believe.
    Bottom line: 24-bit 48khz would be MY prefered resolution.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Stratocaster/Telecaster

    On sample rate, I tend to agree with Simon and Sam.

    I like the increasingly accurate sample libraries we\'re getting, but I don\'t think I could cope if I needed 3 or 4 times the space for them.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Stratocaster/Telecaster

    Interesting. I think electric guitar samples don\'t suffer too much at 16 bit 44.1. But these samples sound like very clear analog tape recordings without the noise at 24 bit 88.2. Hopefully downgrading them won\'t change that.
    I don\'t know too much about Revalver at this point. Tweaking that end of things will be the last thing I do before release.

    [This message has been edited by Nick Phoenix (edited 05-12-2001).]

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    Re: Quantum Leap Stratocaster/Telecaster

    Good news Nick. How much do you anaticipate marketing it for.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Stratocaster/Telecaster

    I don\'t know, cheapish.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Stratocaster/Telecaster

    Having a lot of hard drive space for recording media for large sample rates these days is fairly inexpensive, so this is not really much of an issue anymore.

    But here is the real truth.....There has been a lot of hype and B.S. from companies who are in the business of producing digital audio software and hardware, which in turn has deceived many people into thinking that 96K or even 192K sample rates are the way to go. If you have a world-class studio with world-class converters, monitors, etc., as an engineer you can listen to all of this greatness within your studio environment.
    However, in reality this is not worth a nickel to any one else other than you. You can talk about DVD audio, surround, etc., but any consumer DVD audio player, which MAYBE will come out on the market would have low quality converters and fall way short from any sound quality you would be able to hear in a so called world class studio with all of this 96k and 192k stuff.

    Another major consideration which so many seem to be over looking is that converting sample rates from 96k or 192k down to 44.1 really has a negative effect on audio. Front end tracking at 24 bits and dithering to 16 bits is a worthwhile thing to do for improved audio quality. If your completed audio product is going to end up being 44.1, it sounds much better to do your front end tracking at 44.1 as well in order to avoid having to do a destructive conversion.

    This whole thing is a scheme and an attempt to try to entice studios and consumers to dump a lot of money on new products, which would not deliver the quality to the end user.

    Concerning 5.1 surround for movies, a very limited number of consumers have invested in home theater systems, but these home systems do not compare to sitting in a real movie theater.

    Concerning 5.1 surround for music audio listening, it is a very unnatural thing to listen to. When you hear a live music performance, the musicians are set up on a stage in front of the audience. You do not have musicians set up around the outer 360-degree perimeter of a performance hall.

    Taking all of this hype a step further, consider this.....many consumers do have high quality two track, left and right, music audio stereo systems in their homes which serves them very well. I have serious doubts that many people will be anxious to go out and spend thousands of dollars on a surround stereo system which would not sound nearly as good as the same music audio played in a world class studio that it was produced in.
    Furthermore, I do not think many people would be very excited to clutter a living room, family room, etc., with a lot speakers, wires, cables, etc., in order to have unnatural sounding 5.1 surround, 24 bit, 96k music audio with low quality converters. YUK!!!

    We are probably a good five years away from any major consumer transition.

    Remember when quad systems came out a few years ago? They very quickly faded away...............

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    Re: Quantum Leap Stratocaster/Telecaster

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Nick Phoenix:
    Quantum Leap is proud to announce a new gigastudio library optimized to use the new Nemesys plug-in Revalver.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    What exactly does optimized mean?


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