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Topic: Gigastudio and Akai conversion?

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    Gigastudio and Akai conversion?

    A question to those of you with Gigastudio: is there any difference in the quality of the conversion of Akai programs to .gig\'s, or is the result the same as S-converter. I have several Akai libraries that S-converter mangles (Ultimate Piano, Hans Zimmer, Virtuoso Strings, etc.) and was hoping that maybe Nemesys worked on the conversion algorithm. (I know about being able to load the programs straight into Gigastudio...I\'m wondering specifically about the conversion job). Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Gigastudio and Akai conversion?


    In addition to integrating the Sconverter
    into the GigaStudio framework and adding
    some feature like full CD conversion, yes
    we did clean up some bugs in the actual conversion process. Now, can I guarentee that every CD converts perfectly? Probably not, we do feel we have fairly good coverage of the Akai format. There are a couple of other companies that provide converters from the Akai to gig format, such as Rubber Chicken and Amazing Sounds.

    Hope this helps.


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