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Topic: Using .gigs with kontakt

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    Using .gigs with kontakt


    I\'ve tried kontakt, but I not completely sold due to a less than perfect import of giga files. Any word on when this will be fixed, or are there any converters witch can deal with the job?

    I\'m not a programmer or anything (so I don\'t know if it\'s really possible), but wouldn\'t it be better to be able to load gigs without converting them? This would certainly be a nice feature.

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    Re: Using .gigs with kontakt

    Hi Plundrik,

    we know that the Giga import in Kontakt 1.2 is not perfect, but we improved this import and will release a 1.2.1 update quite soon. Until then you have two possibilities to convert from Giga to Kontakt:

    1. is called CDExtract and does a good conversion

    2. is called Translator from Chickensys and also does a good translation from what I have heard, but I am not sure if the newest version is out yet.



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