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Topic: Remember this??

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    Remember this??

    As far as my search abilities on the web goes.. no Garritan Pipe Organ was ever made.

    However - Hauptwerk is kinda good.. for just about anything than music production. Their VSTi is (so far) hopeless. I've used extremely large sample based libraries with no issues whatsoever over many years. But a decent pipe organ VSTi has yet to be made.
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    Re: Remember this??

    Yeah, Garritan Pipe Organs has yet to be released, but if you look on the last page of the World manual, you'll find it listed as "in development."

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    Re: Remember this??

    I can testify that, indeed, it is in production. at least in my knowledge, which goes back to early November... I hope nothing has changed since.

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    Re: Remember this??

    That's great news guys! Thanks!
    Computermuso since intel8088
    Website: http://www.fivelsdal.no

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