Hello folks,
I got gigastudio96 about three months ago and tried to instal it but gigapiano would not instal on my 400 mhz computer.I kept getting\'cannot copy from specified drive\' error message.
Believing it was something to do with my computer being underpowered i then bought a 1ghz Pentium3computer with VIA motherboard,256 meg ram,Ricoh combined cd,cdr,dvd combination drive and two Midiman soundcards but i\'m getting the same error message again.
The software dealer changed the gigapiano cd for me but to no avail, about eighty percent of the piano would get installed then i would get the error message and have to start all over again.
I\'ve tried two different hard drives as i have two IBM 7200RPM drives,i\'ve disabled and enabled DMA without any success.I do not have this problem with the 500 meg midi library which i also bought.
I would be grateful if somebody could help me on this issue. Thanks