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Topic: Macbook Pro powerful enough for GPO4 and Logic Express 9?

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    Macbook Pro powerful enough for GPO4 and Logic Express 9?

    I got Logic Express 9 recently and just starting to get to know it. One thing that immediately struck me is that virtual instrument playback is not smooth at times.
    For example, when I load up the Steinway or Steinway Lite piano from GPO4 and start playing (M-Audio Keystation) every so often a note suddenly stops playing abruptly.

    One other issue I'm running into all the time is that for example I have a song with several tracks and sometimes when I play it back only one or a few of the tracks will playback with the other tracks being mute. It seems to be totally random, no pattern to it. What I found is that when I activate the mute track and adjust the volume slider on my M-Audio keystation the track comes back to life, but that again seems also not to be working all the time. Sometimes it seems to help to click at a earlier point in the timeline and playing back again, but also doesn't work always.

    Any ideas or ways to set up my Logic Express etc. to avoid this issue or do I have to upgrade to a new Mac?

    So I'm wondering if my Macbook is not powerful enough to handle all the instruments. I've been composing with Sibelius and I can load up a lot of virtual instruments without problems there.
    I have all other programs closed while working with Logic Express to save resources.

    My config:
    Macbook Pro (about 2.5 years old) Core 2 Duo 2.8Ghz, 4GB Ram, OSX 10.5.8

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    Re: Macbook Pro powerful enough for GPO4 and Logic Express 9?

    And another one. Getting a system overload error message from Logic Express, playing Alicia's Keys on one track, getting the error after 34 seconds... is it my memory buffer overflowing?

    I'm looking into the option of upgrading my system RAM to 8GB and 64bit Snow Leopard.. would that improve the performance much? Appreciate any comments.

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    Re: Macbook Pro powerful enough for GPO4 and Logic Express 9?

    How big audiobuffers you use when i changed them form 32 to 512 i get much more power form my Mac Mini Late 2009 computer. i now i can use few plugins are earlier impossible use. and this 32 is my mistake and actually my pc sound card allowed this kind smaller numbers but current card is 8 inputs and 8 outputs (needs bigger buffers i think) than single stereo input and output. but this buffer setting in audio settings in Logic is think what i look first in you situation.

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