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Topic: Unrequited Love - JABB3/Ableton LIVE 6

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    Unrequited Love - JABB3/Ableton LIVE 6

    Hi folks. Dropped out of lurk mode to make my first posting of my work. Long time GPO user, just got JABB3 two weeks ago and have been messing around with it. This is my first effort, titled Unrequited Love. Sax/trumpet quintet, the influences are fairly evident (perhaps painfully so ). There are a few things I'm still tweaking with the parts, but it's conceptually done. I plan to give the bass/piano parts a little more character so they sound less like copy/paste-to-repeat parts and more like humans improvising along a progression and reacting to the soloist and each other. Playing around with the pitch control on the trumpet is still a little new to me too, and I think it shows, but hey, its a brand new toy and there's so much to play with.


    Thanks for listening,

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    Re: Unrequited Love - JABB3/Ableton LIVE 6

    Great job on your first piece. Very cool piece, (who is the influence?) Actually I think the rhythm section (drums, bass, piano) sounds the best. The brass parts needs more 'human' feel. I don't have JABB yet so I'll let others help out with that. One thing I know is to add dynamic swells (even if subtle) when brass holds a note...use the mod wheel to for that. Vibrato should change too when notes hold. That's just one tip to add realism to the brass. Good solos in the piece!

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    Re: Unrequited Love - JABB3/Ableton LIVE 6

    Groovy! I don't know much about jazz, so I wouldn't be able to determine the influence. It's got roots in bebop, I guess. Anyway, that doesn't mean I couldn't enjoy it. It's a cool piece, nicely rendered, good rhythmic pulse, and solos varying from subtle to wild. The piano that plays the chords could be "humanized" a bit, and the longer brass notes could use some dynamics with the mod wheel, but the whole sounds pretty solid. Nice.

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