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Topic: Total noob here... Got a question...

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    Angry Total noob here... Got a question...

    I apologize if this question has been answered elsewhere. I'm kind of in a hurry and just need a quick and to-the-point response.

    Long story short, my dedicated GigaStudio computer (with the entire Vienna Orchestral Suite expansion) just crapped out. I'm not happy; it's going to be a dang expensive fix.

    So what I need to know and quick: Is there a way to use all my .gig samples with the GPO engine in Finale 2006? Can I convert them? Is there a plug-in somewhere I can use?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Total noob here... Got a question...

    GPO with Finale 2006 is unable to load .gig samples.

    Kontakt isn't too bad at converting samples from Giga. Unfortunately, VSL has moved away from Kontakt quite a few years ago so the scripting tools they had are no longer supported. The best bet for VSL is to update to the latest version which unfortunately is very expensive.


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