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Topic: OMNISPHERE - please help!

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    OMNISPHERE - please help!

    I searched for this in the forums, but couldn't find anything.
    I just installed Omnisphere, everything opens and loads in Logic Pro 9 - seems to work fine. It is receiving a midi signal in the editor window, but will NOT give me any output audio. It's not giving any signal to the output source.

    Any clue why it's doing this? Please help if you can.

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    Re: OMNISPHERE - please help!

    Same as the currently adjacent post about no sound in Trilian..."The best help I can offer is to suggest that you contact Spectrasonics Tech Support, if you haven't already done so. In situations like this, it was my impression that they really prefer that they should be your first point of contact." They'll also want to know if other plug-ins are working, what audio device you are using, info about your Mac system, and signal routing you are using in Logic.
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    Re: OMNISPHERE - please help!

    I'll try that - was hoping to get some work done over the weekend though.
    Midi works with other plug-ins, receives sound and everything, but as soon as I change it to Omnisphere... nothing. Pretty lame.

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    Re: OMNISPHERE - please help!

    It's not lame from Spec's point of view- I have Logic and when I installed my Omnisphere, it played the first time. Have you tried opening Omni up in Mainstage just for grins?

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    Re: OMNISPHERE - please help!

    if you send midi on channel 1 to Omnisphere and loaded a patch into thefirst part you should hear a sound provided that your other VST/AU instruments work ok.
    If not then it is most definetly a problem that only the hotline can solve.

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    Re: OMNISPHERE - please help!

    Wasn't trying to be disrespectful to Spect... just lame that I can't seem to figure out the problem. Guess I'll just be calling them tomorrow

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    Re: OMNISPHERE - please help!

    I'm having the same problem in that the everything appears to be working correctly but no output from Omni. What I've found is that you have to re-select each patch to get them to load again and then it works. For some reason Omni is not loading the samples when recalling a sequence. It recalls the patch names, it's just not loading.
    It has been working fine in the past so it's either the last Omni update or the last Logic update or a bit of both.

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