I'm having problems with my newly purchased Garritan World and GPO4, which I downloaded and installed on Thursday night. I am using Cubase 5.

I can create a project using Aria instruments from World and GPO4, and it works fine. I like the Aria interface MUCH better than the old Kontakt 2, by the way... much more control is possible over the instruments. Anyway, I finish work, save the project, and shut down Cubase. No problems so far. The next day I load the project again, and it won't load.

Cubase starts, I select the project with Aria voices I want to work on, and the "Loading Mixer" window pops up and does nothing. I let it sit for more than half an hour once, and it never actually did anything that I could see.

For the record, my GPO 3 projects load fine. The "Loading Mixer" window pops up, shows each track/instrument as they are loaded, and then lets me actually get to work.

Any idea what's going on, here? And any idea how to fix it?