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Topic: 1696 Stradivarius stolen!

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    1696 Stradivarius stolen!

    Police in London are reporting on Christmas Eve that the 1696 Stradivarius, worth $1.88 million, was stolen earlier this month near a train station in London, and they have arrested three people, but have not yet recovered the violin along with two very valuable bows.

    Let us hope the Strad has suffered no damage and is located soon.

    Here's a link to the story on CNN:


    [EDIT: Peter Gale said the owner may have stolen the violin herself as an insurance scam or tax fiddle, but I told him it was a well orchestrated theft.]
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    Re: 1696 Stradivarius stolen!


    Lost another Stradivari! Seems many rare and valuable instruments are lost or stolen each year.

    Here's a site for reporting lost violins: http://www.violinvaluations.com/stolen_instruments.htm

    Perhaps such instruments should have chips embedded in them to locate them. If they can embed RDIF chips in underwear and electronic devices, why not valuable instruments?

    I hope the 1696 Strad is found

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    Re: 1696 Stradivarius stolen!

    This just in from BBC news:

    "The search for the stolen violin has widened to include the services of the FBI which is cooperating with Scotland Yard to locate the priceless Stradivarius. Latest news says the FBI is focusing its attention on the Northwest region of The United States. An anonymous tip which alerted the agency included references to something known as 'sampling technology' with a possible connection to marketing involving the missing instrument. The first task for the FBI is to uncover the meaning of the phrase 'sampling technology.'---"


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    Re: 1696 Stradivarius stolen!

    Well, it wisnae me.

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    Re: 1696 Stradivarius stolen!

    Quote Originally Posted by rbowser- View Post
    The first task for the FBI is to uncover the meaning of the phrase 'sampling technology.'---"

    Well, It's the holidays so they will probably think it has something to do with tasting various Christmas dishes.
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