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Topic: First attempt at something Christmas-y

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    First attempt at something Christmas-y

    Disclaimer: I have no musical training, and use FL Studio 8 (which I rigerously replaced many of the poor samples of, with better free ones).

    Anyway, here you go:
    Using: FL Studio 8, on Windows.
    "A Chrsitmas Story":
    "Randy lie there like a slug; it was his only defense..."
    Listen to my music

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    That was Nice and

    LC520 25MHz (my first iMac ), , 8500/SonnetG4, , Performa6360, , QuickSilver G4 ,iMac G3 500MHz ,iMac 2008 edition , iMac 3.06 GHz 2009 edition and what next Apple?

    maybe you like the wold in gray I prefer colorfull

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