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Topic: Cross platform and JABB Upgrade

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    Cross platform and JABB Upgrade

    Hi y'all

    I have been using JABB v1.0 since it came out simply as a listening tool for when I compose and it has been great for the most part. I've not needed to upgrade so far though there are some things in the newer versions I can see I could definitely use.

    My problem: I am moving from a PC running XP home and Cubase SX to an 8GB Imac i5 running Logic Studio under Snow Leopard. I've looked (hard!) but I can't see how I can upgrade my JABB from 1.0 with the Kontakt player to 3.0 with the Aria player.

    I'd like clarification of the stages involved in this cross-upgrade! Thanks for any help


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    Re: Cross platform and JABB Upgrade

    Hi Jeff

    I think you should be ok to just go to the Garritan online shop and enter your JABBv1 NI/Kontakt serial number to get the discounted upgrade price for JABB3: http://www.garritan.com/store/shop/products/

    $49 to upgrade from v1 to v3 sounds a great deal ... you'd normally only expect to get an upgrade from a more recent version, I think, but there doesn't seem to be any such restriction here.


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    Re: Cross platform and JABB Upgrade

    Thanks for replying Peter.

    I'm worried about the order of doing things I think - if I can go from 1 to 3 immediately then it is a great deal but I'm wondering if I'm going to have problems installing the new version onto the Mac if I download it before the changeover from my PC (only v1 dvd) - or - if I'll have problems installing JABB v1 onto the new machine to start with as it is 'old' (ie 2005)!



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    Re: Cross platform and JABB Upgrade


    You can treat JABB v1 and JABB V3 as two different libraries altogether as they use different sound engines and are licenced/authorised differently.

    You can have both running side by side if you want, and it shouldn't matter which order you install them in on either machine.

    The licensing allows you to install JABB on as many machines as you like, and I think the v3 download files are mostly common for both PC and mac, though I seem to recall seeing separate mac and PC files to download for the ARIA engine.

    I presume [guess] that v1 may well have had separate files/dvd for PC and mac, so if you've only got the PC version you won't be able to install that on the mac, obviously.

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    Re: Cross platform and JABB Upgrade

    Hi Peter

    Actually the install disk was for both PC and Mac so I should be able to install what I've got on the Mac.
    I suppose sound files are only data files, maybe the format would differ depending on the platform. I can see that the processing engine, Kontakt or Aria will need to know about the processor its working on - your observations underline that.
    I think what I'll do is wait until I see the new machine then install JABB 1 and then upgrade from there.

    Thanks for your help, I feel a bit more confident now.


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    Re: Cross platform and JABB Upgrade

    Hi Peter - well, you're right. I did (eventually) manage to download the new version (168 kbps anyone?) and validate the Aria player. My next task is to work out how to get it to work in Logic!



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