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Topic: No sound in Trilian

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    No sound in Trilian

    Installed Trilian today and everything was smooth. Registered and authorizised but I get no sound whatsoever. I can see there is midisignal in trilian and logic but no sound.
    I have tried to delete the shortcuts pointing to the STEAM directory and restarted the plugin. I then point it to the correct steam folder. Then Logic/Trilian says it OK and Logic hangs. When I restart then it appears as if the STEAM folder is found correctly as it doesnt prompt me for it again.
    I have tried the updates installed in different orders but cant see that any of this solves my problem.
    I have started Logic both in 32 and 64 bit modes, no sound.
    I couldnt see that logic scanned the new audiounit in 64 bit mode but I saw it once in 32 bit (logic startup). Still, no sound from Trilian.
    Everything is routed to the standard 1-2 Stereo Out and any other plugin works just fine including Omnisphere.
    The path to my STEAM directory is Macintosh HD->Bibliotek (norwegian for Library)-> Application support -> Spectrasonics.
    What I also see is an empty directory named SpectrasonicsP in Macintosh HD->Bibliotek (norwegian for Library)-> Application support ->

    Any help appreciated

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    Re: No sound in Trilian

    The best help I can offer is to suggest that you contact Spectrasonics Tech Support, if you haven't already done so. In situations like this, it was my impression that they really prefer that they should be your first point of contact.
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    Re: No sound in Trilian

    Yeah thanks Playz123 - got contact established with Spectrasupport, so far they answered fast and I have sent them a copy of a project containing a Trilian instance.
    Cant wait to play this instrument as I´m making some funk atm and nothing beats Trilian on slapbass as far as I know (except for the real deal).

    I´ll try to keep the results posted when solved.

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