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Topic: Extending instrument ranges in GPO 4?

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    Question Extending instrument ranges in GPO 4?

    I'm finally putting together the ensembles for my virtual orchestra in GPO 4. There are a couple of instruments for which I'd like to slightly extend the downward range:

    Oboe Classical Solo lowest note from B2 to A#2

    Trumpets lowest note from G2 to F2

    Is there any way to do this besides applying pitch bend? My intuition tells me that if this is even possible, it would be by editing the appropriate .sfz file. However, I don't want to muck around there unless I know precisely what I'm doing, so any expert advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Extending instrument ranges in GPO 4?

    I answered in the general forum, but here it is again;

    The sfz file contains the mapping info.
    There will be a sample name and then the high note and low note which tells the player which keys will play that sample.

    In order to lower the range of an instrument you would change the low note.

    Before you do any editing of a file, make a copy of the file and edit that.
    You can move the original to a safe place.

    It's really not a big deal.
    The text will say Low Note G
    you change it to F and save the file.

    sfz files are opened with notepad.

    This is a good info page for sfz.

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