A permanent Display Center on building materials and construction techniques, designs of houses, etc., has become popular among almost all the builders in Kerala. It provides technical guidance, an actual feel of the final furnished home and the various amenities on offer. Such a concept has helped to rope in reluctant customers to come to terms with the life in a high-rise apartment. Not only that, sales of the various apartment units in a huge apartment complex could be completed in record time.

The concept of a home in Kerala has thus undergone a sea change. Gone are the days when life in traditional individual houses was considered an inevitable part of ones life. Just a few decades ago, there were few takers for flats and apartments even when they were offered at rock bottom prices. To woo customers the housing board and other housing cooperatives had to get into all sorts of gimmicks and even when they got a client to buy it, major modifications had to be effected according to the wishes of the buyer.

In recent times, just the announcement of a major real estate project is enough to attract a large number of enquiries from all parts of the globe. Such is the demand from the Non-Resident Indians and other people interested in investing in real estate. For people who are not able to personally visit the construction site or the mock-ups, there is also the option of a virtual walkthrough through every room and amenity on offer in the final apartment.

Due to the proliferation of software modules that helps to design a virtual walk over through the building plan, almost all the major builders now offer such an option through their websites. You can get a feel of the apartment you intend to buy and you can even look at the various parts of the room from different angles. The concept of a mock-up apartment is gaining popularity with each passing year and is also doing the selling.