Hello Everyone,

Many people here have asked if I have a website in order to hear my compositions and find out more general information about the lessons. Although it's not specifically designed for lessons (there is a page) it will give you a better idea of the kind of writing I do. It's still under construction but at least people can go and hear some of my work. I have to do a credits page and either augment the lessons page or perhaps create a separate website for that (where you could go and actually study various lessons on different aspects of composition or orchestration.)

Hope you enjoy in any case. The pictures are ones I've taken at various orchestral sessions I orchestrated for (you can see the legendary Todd AO sound stage in a couple.)

Edit: Please let me know if there are any issues at the site. I've been told the music player is taking very long to load tracks. I haven't seen this so I'm trying to find out if it's a problem for everyone.



web address is: www.daveconnor.net