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Topic: MINOR ALTERATIONS (Christmas Through The Looking Glass)

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    MINOR ALTERATIONS (Christmas Through The Looking Glass)

    Thought I had posted this previously; guess not! I wrote this a few years back; it evolved from an arrangement of Pat-a-pan I did for the Garritan Xmas CD back in 2006. I got tickled with the idea of carols transposed from major to minor and arranged it for Grade 4 concert band. It's been very popular with school and community bands around the country. Listening to the Garritan/Finale audio now it's amazing how for the products have come in the last 3 years. The realizations I'm creating now are quite a bit better than this.

    MINOR ALTERATIONS (Garritan CoMB, Finale 2007)
    MINOR ALTERATIONS (Live performance, Dallas Wind Symphony)

    FYI, the sequel, "MINOR ALTERATIONS No. 2 (Carols From The Dark Side)" receives its premiere next week. Will post something from that soon...

    Merry Christmas!

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    Re: MINOR ALTERATIONS (Christmas Through The Looking Glass)

    Love it! I can see why it's popular with community bands. The only problem I have, if I can call it that, is during the GPO version I kept thinking of "The Nightmare Before Christmas". I'm not saying you sound like Danny Elfman, just that those are the minor arrangements of Christmas songs I am most familiar with (the live version definitely doesn't sound like "Nightmare" but is much better).

    Thinking of the live version, I think it sounds fantastic. I think in one or two places you can hear the audience's reaction as they recognize the music.

    Can't wait to hear the sequel.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: MINOR ALTERATIONS (Christmas Through The Looking Glass)

    Thanks - glad you enjoyed it. I was very aware of "Nightmare" as I was writing it (I even pay a small homage to it in the modulation into the waltz) but of course this kind of thing had been done even before Elfman. I just tried to do a fresh take, and come up with a form that "rolled downhill" nicely to the end.

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    Re: MINOR ALTERATIONS (Christmas Through The Looking Glass)

    ...............and roll it does!

    Hi David and Merry Christmas to you! I thought this was great and as Trent has remarked, the Live version is spectacular!! The funny thing for me was, when I hear all these familiar tunes in the minor key, how much more alike they all sound compared to when they are in the major key.
    I mean, when you dress them up in the regular key you're used to hearing them in (if major), they all seem distinctive and unique, but put them into a minor key and suddenly they all sound like an archetypal version of the same European folk melody. Besides changing the key, you kept the time, tempo and general arrangement elements the same as I am used to, so I will think about that for a while!

    Just excellent, thanks for posting!!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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