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Topic: Stylus RMX and New Orleans Struts

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    Stylus RMX and New Orleans Struts

    I have a problem with midifile drag and drop with Stylus RMX 1.9.2d on Cubase 5 in Windows 7 64bit.

    I searched through the forum but I found only issues about Mac folder permissions on this argument which of course is not my case.

    Channels 1 through 4 are loaded with some elements from New Orleans Struts sound bank. It looks like I'm able to drag and drop midifile from channel 1 only, whatever element is loaded. From the other channels it creates a new Instrument track (although I drop on an existing MIDI track) but no part is created. I have to switch elements on channel 1 to have the MIDI parts and then redistribute the parts on appropriate tracks. It's very annoying.

    I'm a long time Spectrasonics fan (I own the whole BIG 3 plus every Spectra RMX sound banks) but to say the truth the current project I'm working on is the first one in which I make intensive use of RMX advanced features (Time Designer, Edit Groups, FX) and I'm a little disappointed about the real responsiveness of the functions against my expectations.
    The project has a pseudo modern jazz mood and creating a drum track with groove variations is a real pain although the features are there.

    My ideal workflow would be simply to put a groove in Groove Menu mode messing around with automation on meter, variation, simplify, chaos and so on in real time, recording the automation itself. Instead I have to work in Slice mode and drag and drop from Time Designer every variation I want to put. In Italy we say "it always misses a cent to have a buck" and this is definitively the case.

    I hope that some of these issues will be addressed in future releases but in the meantime I need that at least midi drag and drop works as expected. Any ideas?.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Stylus RMX and New Orleans Struts

    You'll find a description of the fix for midi drag and drop in Cubase here:


    It's also in the FAQs at support.spectrasonics.net under "Cubase Issues". I would suggest you let Steinberg know you find that to be inconvenient.

    I've never had any trouble automating chaos or time designer parameters like simplify in Cubase (with the exception of menu parameters which can't be automated), but if you're having trouble getting those parameters automated, you can get help at cubase.net for that too.

    P.S. Variation was intended to be a way to get an alternate meter to sound correct for a particular groove, so we never expected it to be of use as a reatltime performance parameter. But, that shows how creative our customers are :-). We'll consider some way to midi learn that in a future update. In the meantime you can use Pattern Chaos to achieve something similar.
    Glenn O

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    Re: Stylus RMX and New Orleans Struts

    Thanks a lot Glenn and my apologies for pointing my finger in the wrong direction. I was so over stressed draggin'n'dropping variations that I didn't think for a second it could be a Cubase issue. I won't let Steinberg know about this because I'm a Cubase surrended user. I still use it because I don't have enough time to learn a new one (I started working with Cubase on Atari).

    As a software programmer (which is my first job) one of my rules is that if a function doesn't take too much time to develop and doesn't break the logic bricks on which the software is built, I don't even ask myself if someone will ever use it. In this case it looks like RMX developers spent time to exclude meter and variation from automation learning (I'm joking of course).

    Waiting for the next RMX update... Thanks again!

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