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Topic: Vienna Instruments Pro question

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    Vienna Instruments Pro question

    Hi guys,

    Currently I use the old version of Vienna Instruments and the free version of Vienna Ensemble which, as you know, allows me to load multiple patches into one instance of Vienna Ensemble. I have been thinking of purchasing the Vienna Instruments PRO software. Will the free version of Vienna Ensemble still work? Will I still be able to load up multiple patches in VE? I don't have the cash to upgrade to Vienna Ensemble Pro. Do you still need Vienna Ensemble with the newer Vienna Instruments Pro? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Vienna Instruments Pro question

    Well the VE patches you've saved can be converted to VE pro very easily. It gives you the option under one of the headings as I remember. I don't see why the free version would be different, but to be safe contact VI.
    Good Luck,

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    Re: Vienna Instruments Pro question

    Hi Darren,

    Vienna Ensemble and Vienna Ensemble Pro both support Vienna Instruments Pro or if you prefer you can also use Vienna Instruments Pro inside of your DAW.

    Vienna Ensemble Pro is designed if you want to use third party virtual instruments inside of it instead of your DAW, want to use multiple computers and link them on a network, or just have a template that doesn't need to be reloaded when switching projects in your DAW.
    Austin Haynes
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