Hi guys

I thought I'd share a new project I've recently started.

"The Broken Key Project" is free solo piano improvisations uploaded by myself to the internet for anyone to enjoy. Why? Because I don't play the piano enough anymore, and I know a few people out there enjoy my playing. So several times a week (work permitting) I will be uploading improvisations for people to enjoy, most of a classical/jazz/me genre... basically whatever my hands decide to do.

They are not perfect, as they are just improvisations. I hit record and play until I am happy with it. However everyone who has heard the first 2 tracks has enjoyed them, so here's a link

The Broken Key Project

Hope you enjoy my playing as well, if not, check back every now and then, as my style changes and I (hopefully) get my old skills going again!


PS: There is a facebook page for "The Broken Key Project" if you want regular updates, or i can post them here if people are interested. And if you download them and use them anywhere, please let me know and credit me fairly!