After purchasing a new computer (64-bit PC with Widows 7) three months ago, I finally have time to get back to work with some music using GPO4. Unfortunately I've hit a major snag, so I really hope someone might be able to help me out.

My sequencer is Cubasis VST 4, which came bundled with an old version of GPO back when the sample player was Studio. Here is what's happening:

1. I created a test file in Cubasis with ARIA as the VST instrument.

2. I opened the ARIA player in Cubasis, then loaded a patch into ARIA.

3. I saved the test file, then closed Cubasis.

When I run Cubasis and open the test file, Cubasis crashes immediately. It behaves normally with KP2, so I have to assume that the heartburn is with its attempt to interface with ARIA.

Theoretically this shouldn't be happening. Then again, I realize that my version of Cubasis may be out of date enough that it simply won't work with my current setup. I would welcome any suggestions as to what I could try to fix this.