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Topic: GPO 4.02 crash

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    GPO 4.02 crash

    Hi all,
    English not being my natural langage, try my best to be clear and consistent.
    Just bought, a month ago, GPO 4 (box version). Using it as a VST with Cubase Essential (windows XP). The first month was OK (no regard to the quality of my compositions......).
    Then i had the bright idea to upgrade my GPO version, though they were no real reason to do it. Since..........
    I don't think i have closed cubase once properly.
    Crash sentence has to way to express itself :
    - trying to save my current composition
    - trying to reach ARIA interface.
    In each case, cubase freezes and do not respond anymore.
    Those crashes doesn't occured systematically. After a while. One hour being the elapsed time after which each minute is pure bonus.
    Sometimes a warning : i loose my current loaded sample of one of my track. Cubase still works fine but this silence is the prologue of a death sentence systematically (save composition or open Aria to solve my problem being both lethal).
    Has anyone encountered such problem ?
    Complement :
    - my PC configuration remains the same during this period (i had installed or upgraded no other program except Firefox).
    - problems occured working on a new composition, using samples i had never used before (brasse section & percussion).
    - my aria is very slightly used : these only two samples being loaded.

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    Re: GPO 4.02 crash

    Hi Comedon,

    Did you try download the latest ARIA update?


    - Chad

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    Re: GPO 4.02 crash

    Thxs for the tip,

    Gonna try this one.
    (the way garritan site promotes its updates is not very clear to me : in front page you got the GPO4.02 link wich includes the engine v1.076. Which leads me to think it was the ultimate version to download).


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    Re: GPO 4.02 crash

    Thanks, I've forwarded that issue to the web team.

    Did the update resolve your issue?


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    Re: GPO 4.02 crash

    Quote Originally Posted by chad View Post
    Hi Comedon,

    Did you try download the latest ARIA update?


    - Chad
    That updates the ARIA engine, but not the player, and you should really update both. To do that, go to:


    Log in to your Garritan account. Once you've done that you'll see a link that says "Free Downloads". Click on the link, and it will take you to the page where you can download the full ARIA update install for Windows and Mac.

    If you'd like to hear a couple of pieces I might actually finish someday, please visit my virtual concert hall.

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    Re: GPO 4.02 crash

    Thx everyone,

    Actually, it doesn't solve anything at all. I thougt (hope) for a while that it might be linked to my current work. But i finally initialezed a brand new one today and and i loose peace of it after about en hour (now i'm used to save my parts every 5 minutes cause the automatic backup file is always corrupted).
    There is one extra element : on those two last works, i also used the ez-drummer vst.
    Thought it's clear that it is garritan who loosed its way (vanished sample).

    Thx anyway.

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    Re: GPO 4.02 crash

    This sounds like you may have bad RAM causing your project to corrupt. I was having an issue like this after building my current computer. It passed every memory test I threw at it. I traced it down to just one pair of RAM which I RMA'd with the manufacturer. Computer has been error free since putting in the replacement memory.


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    Re: GPO 4.02 crash

    Thx for the tips,

    I haven't got any problem with my PC since i bought it (about two years ago). But who knows ...
    I haven't used cubase for a while. My main trail : ez-drummer/aria conflit in use of the RAM
    Just start a new composition in which i'm gonna freeze my ez-d track to see if it solves my problem.

    Thx all

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