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Topic: uninstall problems.....

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    uninstall problems.....

    Trying to uninstall GPO2 and I get the error....

    install.log not found


    Be Blessed!
    Thomas Gahagan

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    Re: uninstall problems.....

    wow... thanks for all the help!!!!

    so just in case some other lost person will have to try and deal with this issue I thought I would post the solution since Garitan support is clueless... what ever country they are located in?????

    create a new folder on your desk top

    copy the install text file located in the main directory you are trying to delete to that new folder

    erase the install file in the main directory

    while in that directory run the uninstall program. it will ask you for the location of the install file... point it to the new folder you created in step one

    it will now uninstall

    you still may have to do some minor clean up

    Hope this helps
    Be Blessed!
    Thomas Gahagan

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