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Topic: Trilian overloading cpu?

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    Trilian overloading cpu?

    Hi guys,

    Is it normal for Trilian to freeze every 5-6 seconds Pro Tools sessions, using Mac Pro 8-cores?
    When put on just 2 cores, the RTAS meter goes down and doesn't jump up to red and stop playback every 5-6 seconds, but then other instruments start to do that. When put on all 8 cores Trilian jumps to red and stops playback.
    Don't know what to do!


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    Re: Trilian overloading cpu?

    Need much more info than that to help you. Best to contact tech support with all this info and they can help you best:


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    Re: Trilian overloading cpu?

    My understanding is that you should run on one less processor. So I have a Quad and I set mine to 3 processors.

    You should play with how much CPU you select, in the playback engine panel ....85% and up to about 9599%. Limit recording to whatever your longest tracks are plus a few. It is set to 60 minutes. I set mine to 7 minutes.

    Make sure you have gone through the Pro Tools troubleshooting steps at the DUC. It is very important that you have repaired permissions and disabled SpotLight Indexing, Airport should be off as should BlueTooth and virus protection. You should trash prefs the way they say and most important is that all your plug in's are compatible. This is critical.

    Don't expect blinding performance from Pro Tools as far as VI counts though as the app can only access 4GB of RAM since it is only 32bit. To get around this, you can load your VI's into a rewired Reaper or Vienna Ensemble Pro, within your PT session and get better VI performance.

    I also believe there is a way to make Spectrasonics instruments a little easier on CPU.
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    Re: Trilian overloading cpu?

    Thank you guys. Will play around a little. If the problem doesn't go away, I'll turn to Spectrasonics' tech support.

    Thanks again,


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