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Topic: Help! Can't Checkout and Pay

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    Help! Can't Checkout and Pay

    I'm at the Garritan Checkout ready to pay for upgrade to GPO full.
    It wants my Kontakt player serial. I didn't find it so I entered my Kontakt 4 full serial, but I got no acknowledgement whether serial was accepted.
    No reply from support request yet.
    Should I go ahead and pay and get the Aria edition and then iron out the Kontakt edition acquisition details later?

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    Re: Help! Can't Checkout and Pay

    Wouldn´t this question be better posted in the Garritan Section?

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    Re: Help! Can't Checkout and Pay

    Musical Gym,
    Welcome to Northern Sounds,
    the new version of GPO4 will not run in Kontakt, it has it's own player called ARIA and that is the version you will be downloading. The requirement of your Kontakt serial number for GPO is so that the Garritan.biz website can verify your existing registration (license) and ensure the discount.


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