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Topic: Sustain ped. Problems.

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    Sustain ped. Problems.

    Question: Can I use the sustain pedal with the String sounds?, in GPO 4/ARIA Player?. The sustain pedal works fine if I use the Steinway Piano sound, but it does not on the string sounds, is there a way to activate it?, I'm not using the Autolegato feature.

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    Re: Sustain ped. Problems.

    CC#64 should work for strings if you overlap the notes. See the Manual, p.68.

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    Sustain ped. Problem not solved yet.

    The pedal icon in the "controls" panel in ARIA lights up when I press the pedal but there's no sustain for the stgs, the piano patch does respond to sustain, if I layer the piano and stgs, the piano sustains but the stgs do not. I also have Kontakt Player 2 and it does work there, KP2 gives you the option to select or deselect the sustain controller. In ARIA this problem extends to JABB3 also, the horns do not sustain. Do U have GPO4/ARIA?, & does Ur sustain ped. works?, maybe I need to reinstall, 'cause it's never worked, thanks 4 the suggestion anyway.
    The only thing I get is, if I select the half damper FC3 controller in the Motif, and then I press the sustain, hold it, play notes and release de pedal, then I get sustain, when I press the sustain again it cuts off, but I can't really play like that, I've tried other controllers like the Axiom 61 & Korg Karma & nothing, I'm gonna have 2 call Garritan. Thanks again.

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    Sustain no dice eitherway.

    I'm sequencing both the ARIA (midi ch 1) & Kontakt 2 (midi ch 8) players in Cubase 3. I midi record a stg track in KP2 (ch 8) & the sustain works, & I can C the CC#64 in the midi data list, then I move this KP2 track to the ARIA player (ch 1) & it plays back w/o sustain, so even if I "enter" the sustain (CC#64 ctrl) in the data, like the manual says, it doesn't work.

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    Sustain understood.

    Quote Originally Posted by alex2081 View Post
    CC#64 should work for strings if you overlap the notes. See the Manual, p.68.
    I got a response from Garritan and I understand what the pedal does, I doesn't really sustain like a piano, it removes the initial attack. If you play a note repeatedly while holding the pedal the attack sounds softer, "Legato" like the manual says, but the KP2 player let's you sustain like a piano so you can use both hands on the keyboard, and if you use the CC#1 on a pedal you can do very expressive phrasing, which is another way of playing legato, polyphonically, but the ARIA player doesn't give you that option.

    Case closed.

    Thank you

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