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Topic: Kontakt 4 and external aftertouch help please!!

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    Kontakt 4 and external aftertouch help please!!

    Hello everyone, i have a problem that i have been trying to solve for the past week now with kontakt 4 and decided to join here and ask you guys...

    I am using kontakt 4 and with a roland ax synth keytar... But, unfortunately, the guys at roland forgot to mention one big problem with the ax synth, that its volume is not digital, it is analogue, so therefor, it cannot transmit midi messages to kontakt, sucks big time..i know..

    So, i was hoping to use the aftertouch knob as my volume control seeing as the aftertouch knob is digital...can i do that?? and can someone show me how please...

    thanks a lot in advance!!!

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    Re: Kontakt 4 and external aftertouch help please!!

    Hi there...
    Yes, this should be possible. Download "Midi-Ox", a freeware midi tool that allows midi-remapping of events. Then you can transform one into the other. But PLEASE: don´t ask about details, I used it once for a similar purpose, but have forgotten everything about it.

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    Re: Kontakt 4 and external aftertouch help please!!

    hey francis, (or sid) ...

    thanks a lot for your reply, but i already downloaded midi-ox about a week ago and still have no clue of how it works...and can not do anything with it...
    is there no other way of assigning the volume control through aftertouch in kontakt itself?? does anyone know?

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